And we are off!

Our first few days have already been filled with unexpected side adventures ad a lot of new friends! Dixie cup is a champ and is learning the ropes quickly. Everyone’s feet feel great and thank god for gogo apple sauce. Our first day from best western to our excavated campsite was hot and dry but thanks to the secret water cache from the class of 2012 and awesome chairs at mile 356 we were straight chillin. Day 2 we were able to get through our miles early and met our first trail angel diane who drove us all the way to target because of a bum ipod. Quick sandwhich and post office stop and we were back on the trail. We finished up Mt. Baden-Powell Two more days and 76 miles later we have escaped the heat and are now sitting at the red roof inn in Palmdale. We are planning out our reroute around the gnarly Powerhouse fire that’s going to detour us onto way too many road miles. Looking forward to the days ahead! (Ok well not really, its gonna be hot, dry and smoky)

But hey welcome to SoCal class of 2013!!!

Xoxo NBDaze








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